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Sunday 21 April 2019
Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
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Interested in standing as a governor for Derbyshire Healthcare?


Are you a motivated and enthusiastic individual who would like to represent the interests of your local community on health related matters?

At certain points throughout the year, we encourage our public members to increase their involvement with the Trust by standing for election in one of six vacant governor positions. There are currently no governor vacancies available.

To be eligible to become a governor you must be:  

  • A public member of Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
  • A resident of the constituency you wish to stand for 
  • 16 years of age or over.

View the notice of poll for our latest Council of Governor elections. 

What role do governors play in the NHS Foundation Trust?

Being a governor can be a very rewarding experience, and governors have the opportunity to: 

  • Represent the views of their constituents and shape the way our services are delivered  
  • Hold the Board's non-executive directors to account for the Trust’s performance  
  • Attend events throughout the year which offer them the chance to engage with members of their constituency and members of staff  
  • Fulfil statutory responsibilities such as the appointment of Non-Executive Directors and the trust Chairman. 


Governors serve a term of three years and reasonable travel expenses are paid. 

The Council of Governors is a body of 26 elected and appointed members who have a direct involvement in the running and development of the foundation trust. The Council is made up of 16 elected public governors, four elected staff governors and six appointed governors and is presided over by the Chairman. 

Read our Becoming a governor of Derbyshire Healthcare leaflet to find out more about this exciting opportunity. 

John Morrissey - Lead Governor
John Morrissey - Lead Governor
John's story...

John Morrissey is the Lead Governor for Derbyshire Healthcare and represents the Amber Valley South constituency. John said:

"Back in 2013 I saw a notice in my local paper the ’Belper News’ of a meeting on children’s services - it proved an interesting meeting on an important topic. It surprised me that, though I was familiar with the service from my former job as a GP, I had never knowingly heard of ‘Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust’- the provider of a range of children's services in Derby City and Southern Derbyshire and, of course, many other services throughout Derby and Derbyshire. At the meeting I also met Moira Kerr, a governor who seemed informed, irrepressible and committed to the services that the Trust provided. I was inspired enough to stand for election as a governor and it is a measure of the good work of the Trust's Involvement Team that so did three other members. I was lucky enough to be elected.

"It’s fair to say that I had very little idea about what was involved but I have been surprised and pleased at the amount of contact that it has provided with so many dedicated professional people. I have learned much more than I could have anticipated both from these contacts and from the opportunities for training both within the Trust and outside - a real education. 

"It has been far busier being a governor than I expected it to be, especially since I became Lead Governor in February 2016. During my time on the Council the role of governors individually and as a body has developed apace. I think that it is not co-incidental that there are fewer vacancies within our ranks than I can remember. Partly through the increased emphasis on the role of Lead Governor we have given ourselves the opportunity to make each governor better informed and the Council as a whole to be pro-active, effective and to develop a sense of purpose. As well this has made being a governor more enjoyable and fulfilling. Governor Connect - the weekly Governor e-newsletter - is an essential tool to allow us to find out what we might do and what training is available. Though perhaps I speak to the converted: you would not be reading my words had you not realised that already!"

If you’d like to learn more about the role of a governor, please follow some of the useful links below: