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Saturday 23 March 2019
Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
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2017 Delivering Excellence Quality Awards: winners announced

Delivering Excellence Awards 2017
2017 Delivering Excellence Quality Awards - Liaison Team North
The Liaison Team North won the Resilience Award, which they received from Carolyn Green, Director of Nursing (left) and John Morrissey, Lead Governor (right). They were also named Clinical Team of the Year.

The 2017 Delivering Excellence Quality Awards ceremony took place on 14 December. The ceremony was held in-house at the Trust's Centre for Research & Development.

The awards recognised Trust teams who had:

  • impressed directors, governors and others during their 'quality visits'

  • been found to have performed consistently throughout the year during the moderation process.

There were three finalists in each category. Congratulations to the winners:


Criminal Justice Mental Health Liaison Team
For developing the team to encompass a broader patient base, and also for developing partnership arrangements across a wide variety of agencies. The team have embedded their practice in the police force in response to emergency situations, and have adapted what they are learning from implementing the model.


Chesterfield Central Neighbourhood Team
For triangulating and evidencing the views of the people who use their service, and for presenting extremely positive feedback around their work with partner providers. The team’s quality visit presentation covered a range of different ways of hearing what it’s like to be supported by them, including written narrative feedback, attendance at the visit from service users and carers, and Friends and Family Test results.


Kedleston Low Secure Unit
For working through a programme of impressive improvements across all aspects of care provision, and for doing this in a sustained and methodical manner. The team presented a significant amount of data, in a clear way, to highlight the quality improvement work the ward team have undertaken. They have shown sustained development on the back of challenges, and they have involved former patients in the development of their Recovery College. 


Occupational Therapy & Recreation Service at the Hartington Unit
For supporting patient flow and evidencing improvement in patient outcome and experience, whilst maintaining a person-centred and skills-based approach. The team have used outcome measures at the beginning and the end of the Food-Mood Group, and worked with people in the group to identify the skills they would like to develop.

RESILENCE award (thriving in difficult times)

Liaison Team North
For developing positive collaborative arrangements with colleagues in the Crisis Team and in-patient unit to ensure patient safety at times of staffing pressures, at the same time as developing an holistic needs assessment and high-impact user clinics. The team this year completed and achieved the Psychiatric Liaison Accreditation Network (PLAN) to assure and improve the quality of service. They have demonstrated a high level of innovation and evidence-based practice, and received very positive feedback from other teams and from people who have used the service.


Liaison Team North
For the reasons listed above, and for consistently ‘delivering excellence’ throughout the year.


The Finance Team
For their very integrated approach with operational services, and their connectedness to service delivery and the importance of patient experience. The team have offered opportunities to a service user, an apprentice and an undergraduate over the last 12 months, to experience the NHS finance workplace. The team have also developed ‘drop in’ training for budget holders that has been much appreciated by operational managers, and also more efficient travel booking.


There was special recognition for our fantastic flu peer vaccinators, with particular mention for those who have each vaccinated over 50 members of staff to date:

• Julie Carvin
• Lexine Price
• Lorraine Treble
• Andrea White. 

Congratulations to all the winners and the finalists. You can catch up with the evening’s events, and see some of the photos taken on the night by following us on Twitter using #QualityAwards2017.