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Friday 19 April 2019
Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
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Delivering Excellence Awards 2014: winners announced

Delivering Excellence Awards 2014 logo

Achievements over the last 12 months that our staff and volunteers have been part of was recognised at the Trust’s annual Delivering Excellence Awards ceremony on Thursday 27 November. The heart-warming ceremony was a fantastic opportunity to highlight and recognise the extraordinary things that staff, volunteers and teams do every day to support the people that the Trust cares for. Steve Trenchard, Chief Executive, was the host for the evening and almost 250 guests attended including members of staff, volunteers, governors and even Olympic medallist Steve Backley OBE who presented the Team of the Year Award.

Stories about how staff are using innovative ways to help service users into recovery, employees supporting their colleagues’ development, the importance of involving carers in an individual’s care plan and how staff are delivering compassionate care in challenging circumstances were heard by guests, giving a clear reminder about the positive impacts that the NHS delivers day in, day out. Huge congratulations to all finalists and award winners – you really are outstanding!!

Read our Delivering Excellence Awards 2014 brochure.

And the winner is...

A full list of winners and supporting information about their fantastic work can be found below:

DEAwards2014: CAMHS Derby City

CAMHS Derby City team

The CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) Derby City team were identified as winners of this year’s Chief Executive Award for demonstrating how they work closely together and with other support services to function effectively and cohesively, demonstrating great commitment to the wellbeing and welfare of the children and young people that they care for. Often this is in the face of very complex and difficult social circumstances for their patients and families.

DEAwards2014: Walter McKechnie

Walter McKechnie

Walter co-delivers recovery sessions on the Preceptorship Programme and helped to deliver our very first Recovery Education Programme. He has gone on to undertake a training course in recovery approaches and now brings his expertise and lived experiences into our services to enable us to develop and improve.

DEAwards2014: Andrew Holbrook

Andrew Holbrook

Andrew has supported residents at Audrey House to go fishing as a therapeutic activity. The benefits of angling in helping people to recover from poor mental health and prevent relapses have been well documented and, at first, Andrew used his own fishing equipment to ensure patients who have an interest in fishing get to experience the sport. After applying to the Trust Innovation Network for funding, Andrew has been able to develop the project further, and is now providing angling sessions on local waters and encouraging participation in the socially inclusive activities endorsed by the club.

DEAwards2014: Dr Edward Komocki

Dr Edward Komocki

Dr Komocki has been nominated for being “a great leader” to many staff across our Trust. He mentors the community nurses and junior doctors and trains medical students and work experience students. He holds monthly public dementia Q&A sessions for anyone wanting to attend and ask questions about the condition, and also does dementia lectures at local nursing homes, GP surgeries and recently for Age UK in Chesterfield. The majority of this work is carried out in his own time.

DEAwards2014: Sarah Graham

Sarah Graham

Sarah has recently completed the MSC in Integrative Psychotherapy and ‘Sleep Practitioner’ training. Using knowledge and skills from her learning in both courses, she has undertaken training for other team members which has enabled her team to have a better understanding on these important issues. She implemented the knowledge she had learnt by organising and piloting ‘Good Night’ sleep clinics based at Mackworth Children’s Centre to help children with learning disabilities get a good night’s sleep.

DEAwards2014: Lynn Dunham

Lynn Dunham

Lynn has been a constant source of support to carers of people with mental health issues. She listens and she acts. Lynn finds out information for people, tries to get to the bottom of complex systems (like respite) and tries to make the pathway clearer. Without Lynn the Care Programme Approach (CPA) and Core Care Standards Service would not function as well as they do today. Carers from across the county would like to thank Lynn Dunham for all of her hard work. “You thoroughly deserve this award!”

DEAwards2014: Occupational Therapy and Recreation - Hartington Unit

Occupational Therapy and Recreation, Hartington Unit

This patient-centred team are a credit to the Trust. They demonstrated in each example of best practice their positive attitude to delivering the highest standards of care to each individual patient. This very small team has built up strong links with the local community in Chesterfield, for example through joint work with the local library. The team have made changes to the criteria for patients accessing the gym, applying their innovative style to make improvements for patients. The group work programme and the changes to the environment to create extra space are other examples of how this team place patients at the centre of all they do.

DEAwards2014: School Nursing Service

School Nursing Service

School nurses have a vital role within education and the community. They demonstrate strong evidence of improving the way children are cared for within the school and family environment and the child’s overall experience of the service. This has been achieved despite increased complex case referrals. The ThinkFamily approach has been upheld and the child is always put at the centre of practice with their voice acknowledged. The school nurses have also introduced a number of school programmes which have received fantastic support and feedback from the children involved and the schools in Derby City.

DEAwards2014: Behaviour and ADHD Service

Behaviour and ADHD Nurse Service

This is a very committed specialist team, which deals with very complex care, and provides exemplary services to children and families. They remain a highly motivated team that work collaboratively to continue developing their service. The Behaviour and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)Nurse Service has developed a number of initiatives recently, including the 123 Magic Parent programme, demonstrating increased uptake, developing pathways and increased frequency of care delivery, followed by refresher courses and additional offer of telephone support. The team have evaluated the programme, adapted and learned from feedback.

DEAwards2014: Memory Clinic and Chesterfield, North East Derbyshire and High Peak Older People’s Community Mental Health team

Memory Clinic and Chesterfield, North East Derbyshire and High Peak Older People’s Community Mental Health teams

These energetic and enthusiastic teams have very compassionate and caring staff, with a clear commitment to the individual patient. Each team has an excellent and long standing reputation for best practice, with knowledge and experience at a very high level. There is a great team spirit throughout the service and a sense of team working at its best, despite high pressures. The visiting quality team were given information on the development of the Health and Wellbeing group and Nursing Home project, educating care staff regarding the management of dementia and integrated care development with primary care colleagues. These teams really do deserve our ‘Team of the Year Award’ and should be congratulated for their continued efforts to deliver fantastic patient centred care. Congratulations!