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Friday 19 April 2019
Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
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Delivering Excellence Awards 2017: and the finalists are...

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The Delivering Excellence Awards are our annual awards recognising staff and volunteers. Around 100 nominations were submitted this year. All the nominations were considered by a judging panel that included two experts by experience.

The finalists – in alphabetical order by surname – who will be invited to the awards ceremony are…

Nominated by service users and carers

Debbie Edwards, Learning Disability Acute Liaison Nurse (based at Royal Derby Hospital), Learning Disabilities service

Nominated by a carer for the “brilliant” way she supported an individual and his family when they came for surgery at Royal Derby Hospital, and for the “wonderful service” she offers the Learning Disabled community.

Elizabeth Nicholson Morris, Leading Occupational Therapist, South Derbyshire and Dales South Community Team

Nominated by a carer for her “empathetic, caring and professional” approach during a home visit, supporting both the individual and the carer: “Liz recognised that I was at breaking point… She prevented a carer breakdown that day.”

Jennifer Sargeson, Nursing Assistant, Morton Ward, Hartington Unit

Nominated by a service receiver for treating her “with a lot of respect” and caring for her when she was incontinent at night.


Ellie Brett, Lead Nurse, High Peak Crisis Team

For working “very hard both as Lead Nurse and Carers Champion to include/engage with carers” including developing a carer questionnaire which supports the Triangle of Care and helps to improve the support and services offered to carers from the team.

Sally Lee, Service Manager/Clinical Lead, County North Early Intervention Team

For her work adopting ‘Open Dialogue’ with families – a philosophical and theoretical approach that has been implemented and researched in Finland since the 1980s, and works particularly where a family is struggling with the impact of psychosis. 

Strategic Health Facilitation Team, Learning Disabilities 

For leading on the employment of people with learning disabilities as Assistant Strategic Health Facilitators and adapting the work of the team to get the best from these new members of staff.


Bolsover and Clay Cross Neighbourhood Team, Mental Health Services

For empowering adult service users to develop and produce fiddle boards in the new woodwork group, which are then given to local care homes for their male dementia patients to utilise as a distraction technique, thereby giving back to the community.

CAMHS centralised duty system working group, Child and Adolescent Mental 

For developing a system where anyone who needs to contact CAMHS about general queries, patient queries, advice or consultation now only has to ring one number to access all of our CAMHS services. 

Enhanced Care Ward - Carole Gilligan and Dr Mike Akroyd, Senior Nurse & Consultant Psychiatrist

For introducing and implementing the Brøset Violence Checklist (BVC), with the aim of reducing violent and aggressive incidents and use of seclusion. 


Scott Lunn, CAMHS IAPT Operational and Clinical Transformation and Pathway Lead

For his “infectious enthusiasm” and “can do attitude” whilst developing CAMHS practice through CYP IAPT (Children and Young People’s Improving Access to Psychological Therapies). 

Vanessa Pollard, Interim Senior Nurse, Ward 35, Radbourne Unit

For developing the PICU case manager role in line with the needs of the acute inpatient areas and the best interests of the patients, and for playing a key role in least restrictive practice and ensuring that teams feel adequately supported to manage situations in their areas.

Marie White, Health Visitor/Practice Teacher, Rosehill and Normanton Health Visiting Team

For always giving up time to “share her vast experience and offer support and advice to students and experienced staff alike.” 


Tom Cotterill, Liaison Social Worker, Hartington In-Reach Team

For successfully working across health and social care, “forging better relationships with services, and more importantly smoothing the patient experience.” 

Jo Foster, Senior Nurse, Morton Ward, Hartington Campus

For her hard work with the North Derbyshire Carers Forum over the past year and for championing the Triangle of Care.

Alison Powles, Service Manager, Criminal Justice Mental Health Liaison Service

For developing an extended service over the past 12 months, ensuring enhanced partnership working with the police, courts and probation and effective support for groups beyond the original mental health brief including vulnerable adults and homeless people.


Ruth Aldis, Student Nurse Management Placement, High Peak and North Dales Neighbourhood - Older Adult

For her work with the local social service hospital discharge team to improve the outcomes of people with dementia and delirium once they are discharged from acute general inpatients wards into temporary/permanent care or home, leading to the first draft of a ‘Delirium Support Plan’. 

Helen Croft, Registered Nurse, Audrey House

For going “above and beyond” since joining the team as a newly qualified nurse, including serving as the lead for carers and working alongside her manager to facilitate and plan the Nursing Assistant Practice Development Day.

Bryony Leedham, Student Nurse, Morton Ward, Hartington Unit

For growing “before our eyes” throughout her placement, working to her full potential and beyond, whilst assisting the nurses in many aspects of patient care. 


Debbie Parker, Team Administrator, Crisis Resolution Home Treatment Team (South)

For consistently supporting clinical staff and patients in a way that is “positive, approachable and kind” and for being instrumental in ensuring the team adopt e-signing, which has accelerated the speed with which GPs receive correspondence.

Laurie Harrison, Admin Team Lead, Buxton Corbar View:

For being a “star” in support of the team, including introducing a duty rota that earmarks the times staff need to be working more flexibly throughout the locality, providing cover at short notice in Matlock and dealing with all the building maintenance issues.

Nicola Yeomans, Team Administrator, Erewash Community Learning Disabilities Team 

For providing extra support to cover staff sickness or shortages “without a grumble!”  Nicola is “person centred, patient and helpful.  She always goes above and beyond, helping the team with a wide range of issues at the drop of a hat and always with a smile”.  


William Buchanan, School Pupil, Disabled Children's Nursing Service

For raising £6,000 in funds for the Light House since the age of 12 as part of his wish 'to make the children and young people at the Lighthouse very happy'. 

Sarah Williams, Peer Volunteer, Perinatal Inpatient

For giving back to the unit by attending the Beeches ward every week to spend time with mums and families, take part in activities and help chair the community meetings, instilling in patients hope of recovery. 

Christine Williamson, Volunteer, Communications and Involvement

For dedicating many hours of her own time promoting the Trust and recruiting new members, always with a smile on her face.


Selected from amongst the monthly winners of our DEED recognition scheme - Delivering Excellence Every Day.


Also being honoured at the awards ceremony will be some of our longest-serving staff: those with 40 years' service.