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Friday 19 April 2019
Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
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Fighting flu this season

Flu fighter

Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust has joined the largest ever NHS staff vaccination campaign with a programme of local flu jab clinics to protect its staff and patients from flu. 

The trust aims to make great strides in reducing the spread of flu this season by vaccinating as many of its staff as possible. It is joining the national NHS flu fighter staff vaccination campaign, which supports trusts in England to help them improve staff flu vaccination uptake. 

Last year the flu season once again led to more than a hundred deaths in the UK, claiming 107 lives and affecting thousands more. Annual flu-related admissions into intensive care or high dependency units increased last year. 

Derbyshire Healthcare takes patient safety very seriously and will be working hard to encourage its nurses, doctors and other staff to get vaccinated – helping to prevent them from catching flu or passing the virus on to patients. 

Hayley Darn, consultant nurse, said: “The message to colleagues is straightforward: Having a free flu jab is a quick and easy process, and by taking part you are protecting yourself, your family and those you care for. We have listened to staff feedback from last year, and have a variety of clinics in a number of staff locations and times to try and make the process as accessible as possible to all staff. We hope our uptake continues to grow, showing our commitment to patient safety.”

Dean Royles, chief executive of the NHS Employers organisation, said: “Flu targets people who are weakened and vulnerable, so it’s crucial the NHS does everything it can to keep the virus away from patients. By having our vaccinations we protect ourselves, our patients, our friends and our family.

"At the moment about half of all NHS staff are vaccinated, which already makes a big difference, and further increases will be exponentially more beneficial. It takes time to change the habits of a vast workforce and it’s important to remember that vaccinations are entirely voluntary - but 108,000 more staff are getting vaccinated compared to only two years ago and support from organisations like Derbyshire Healthcare, and their staff, means we can aim even higher this year.” 

“We really want to make staff aware that vaccinations are safe and extremely effective.” Support provided by the national NHS flu fighter campaign includes guidance and lively factual campaign materials, which explain the dangers of flu and why vaccination offers safe and highly effective prevention against its spread to vulnerable patients.

All Derbyshire Healthcare staff are welcome to have a free flu jab. Find your local clinic by visiting Connect at: Flu Fighter clinic details