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Saturday 23 March 2019
Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
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Local people elect two new governors to Derbyshire Healthcare’s Council of Governors

Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is pleased to announce the appointment of two new governors to its Council of Governors:

Public Governor for Derby City West – Michael Walsh

Michael is looking forward to representing people living in his constituency of Derby City West, who use the Trust’s varied health services.  An occasional lecturer in health and social care, he is seeking to work with the Trust to ensure that mental health services become more effective and accessible to the people of Derbyshire.

Public Governor for surrounding areas – Ruth Cringle

Ruth brings a lived experience of mental health services and hopes to demonstrate first-hand how people can recover and re-establish their lives, following a period of mental illness.  She aims to represent members and service users within her constituency (which includes all counties that border with Derbyshire) using this experience and insight.

Michael Walsh and Ruth Cringle were elected as governors representing their local constituencies, by wider Trust members living in these areas.  A recent election process saw hundreds of votes from the Trust’s public members.

As a Foundation Trust, Derbyshire Healthcare is committed to representing its communities as effectively as possible, promoting public awareness and involvement in health care issues. Having trust members – represented by elected governors – is a key way for Derbyshire Healthcare to involve local people in the organisation’s work and ensure that it provides the best possible care and treatment for the people it serves.

Mark Todd, Chairman, said: “I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Michael and Ruth into the Council. Our governors have a very important role to play within our organisation and actively contribute to the continuing success of the foundation trust. I am very much looking to forward to working alongside our new governors individually, for their respective constituencies, and as part of the full Council of Governors.”

Should you wish to contact the governor for your constituency please email dhcft.governors@nhs.net or call 01332 623700 and ask for the Communications and Involvement team.