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Friday 19 April 2019
Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
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Mental health service users and carers engagement project

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Hardwick Clinical Commissioning Group, on behalf of Health and Social Care Commissioners (The four Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Groups, the County Council and the City Council), Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Trust and Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, is leading a project on mental health engagement processes and systems in Derbyshire.


A commitment to involving service users and carers throughout our organisations’ activities and ensuring that this engagement makes a real difference is the key focus of the project. We hope that this project will enable our commissioners to implement processes and systems even better than they currently do. 

Where are we up to?

The CCG has selected Springfield Consultancy as the independent facilitators who will be contacting and consulting existing service user and carer organisations in Derbyshire with regards to how improvements can be made for engageing with service users and carers. We are delighted to welcome a service receiver, from out of the county, who was part of the selection panel for the external facilitator position, and will be continuing as a Project Board member. 

Everybody gets the chance to change engagement 

All existing mental health service user and carer organisations in Derbyshire will be contacted and consulted about this project, so expect to hear from Springfield in the near future. For some of you, this may be via Southern Derbyshire Mental Health Voluntary Sector Forum or North Derbyshire Voluntary Action, and for others it will be direct contact. 

Hardwick CCG also plan to have a stakeholder event towards the end of June/beginning of July, where all stakeholders are invited to come together to give their views.

Within three months the CCG should have a number of options for how to develop engagement activities with service users and carers. From there, a decision will be made as to which option(s) to proceed with. Each commissioner and provider organisation will then begin work to implement this.

Further updates will be provided as the project progresses, however, should you have any queries or concerns, you can contact Dr Karen Scholes, who will be leading the project by emailing Sarah.Wall@hardwickccg.nhs.uk or call 01246 514084.


Mental health service users and carers engagement project