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Saturday 16 February 2019
Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
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New partnership forged to raise awareness of mental health issues


Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust’s Hartington Unit, based on the site of Chesterfield Royal Hospital is delighted to announce a new partnership with Chesterfield College’s Directorate of Art and Design.

As part of World Mental Health Day, Art and Design students at Chesterfield College were presented with a project brief based on ideas from both college staff and patients from the Hartington Unit themselves. Using the themes of care, health and recovery, students are undertaking project work to produce a piece of art to be displayed within the unit. A project is also underway to develop a 3D sculpture for display in the Hartington Unit’s courtyard.

Sarah Butt, Service Line Manager at Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, said:  “By working closely with Chesterfield College, we aim to promote mental health, recovery and community integration by supporting students to research mental health issues, and gain a better understanding of the issues our patients face and the pathway individuals take towards their recovery”.

Jeremy Asquith, Head of Learning for the Art, Design and Creative Industries Directorate at Chesterfield College adds, “We are pleased to be working with the Hartington Unit as it gives students experience of working on a live brief and helps them to discuss and become aware of complex issues in our society. Creative activities have been used as supportive therapies for mental health so it is fitting that the work produced should be sited in the unit”.

The student’s designs, narrative about their designs and reasons for why their designs depict mental health recovery and community will soon be displayed as art work within the Hartington Unit itself. The student’s designs as art work will enhance the inpatient environment and hopefully promote to patients and staff alike the positive focus of mental health promotion and community integration.

The Trust aims to continue working closely with Chesterfield College to promote mental health within the local community.

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