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Friday 19 April 2019
Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
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Three local residents take their seats on the Trust's Council of Governors

Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is delighted to announce the appointment of three new governors to its Council of Governors:

Public governor for Derby City West – Paula Lewis
Paula stood for election to represent those who feel unheard, isolated or misunderstood in healthcare. Her work in nursing means that she is ideally placed to help the Trust achieve its mission and vision. She is a hardworking, dedicated and caring person who strives to support others unconditionally.  She believes passionately in preserving the NHS both at local and national levels. Her extensive nursing career has prepared her to engage effectively with everyone.

Public governor for Erewash South – Helen Sentance
Helen first developed an interest in mental health when her Grandfather suffered from dementia in the early 1980s, subsequently her brother-in-law suffered from depression and her late husband had a breakdown when his twin died. She feels that being a member of the Council of Governors will give her the opportunity to contribute to the running of the Trust and as a legacy of the difference that her late husband made to the lives of many vulnerable people.

Public governor for Chesterfield South – Alan Smith
Alan believes in democracy and that we should work with the system and not against it. He was a union representative for six years and attended GMB college for training in union representation in the workplace. Alan has also worked in the voluntary sector for many years and within the NHS as a representative for service users with mental ill health.

Paula Lewis and Helen Sentence were elected as governors representing their local constituencies, by wider Trust members living in these areas casting their votes as part of an election process. Alan Smith was elected as public governor for Chesterfield South uncontested.

As a Foundation Trust, Derbyshire Healthcare is committed to representing its communities as effectively as possible, promoting public awareness and involvement in health care issues. Having trust members – represented by elected governors – is a key way for Derbyshire Healthcare to involve local people in the organisation’s work and ensure that it provides the best possible care and treatment for the people it serves.

Should you wish to contact the governor for your constituency please email dhcft.governors@nhs.net or call 01332 623723. For further information about our membership or on becoming a governor, please see our membership section>>.