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Wednesday 17 October 2018
Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
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                                   SCREENING PROGRAMMES


Barriers to Screening 

Adults with Learning Disabilities are often overlooked when it comes to health screening. Reasons for this include but are not limited to:

Helping Service User to fill out a form

Support Available for Screening

There is additional support for patients available including:

Easy Read invitation letters and information leaflets

Short films explaining what to expect when going for screening

Reasonable adjustments at appointments.  For example, longer appointments can be organised with assistance from Learning Disability nurses at acute trusts






Eligible patients may require extra support.  For example, may need help with completing their bowel screening sample from carers  

Patients may have difficulty in navigating complicated appointment booking systems

Screening Hubs are not aware that a patient has a learning disability and will send out general information.

Assumption that women are not sexually active and will not require cervical screening

Dependence on supported living workers to accompany eligible patients to their appointments




GP Appointment
Hand Writing on Envelope

How GP Practices Can Get Involved

Practices can get involved by signing up to the Local Enhanced Service agreement and sending out easy read literature to those eligible patients who have not responded to their screening invitations.  The process can be found below:



Process for Practices


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