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Tuesday 16 October 2018
Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
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Day hospitals

Our day hospitals provide psychotherapeutic therapy and assessments for service users with functional mental health issues. This includes anxiety management, confidence building, and healthy living and lifestyle matters groups.

The day hospital provides assessment, support and therapy for anyone living with a dementia diagnosis or suspected dementia diagnosis. This includes the living well programme, memory support and activity of daily living (ADL) skill based therapy. There is no age limit on this group of service users.  

Therapeutic activities typically include cognitive stimulation therapy, anxiety management and creative therapies.

Attendance at the day hospital is not a long-term care option as it is not a day care service, but we will help you find alternative support when it is time for discharge.

Who we are

The care team consists of mental health nurses, occupational therapists and nursing assistants.

The team liaise with other disciplines such as dieticians, psychologists, community nurses and social services in order to meet your identified needs.

Each person who attends one of our day hospitals has an allocated ‘named professional’ who works with you and your carers to co-ordinate and plan care from admission to discharge. Your care will be monitored regularly within the care team.


The assessment period lasts approximately eight weeks and helps us to identify what needs you have and to support you in addressing these. The assessment will incorporate individual and therapeutic group based activities tailored to meet your needs. This will provide the opportunity to integrate with new people, build on your social skills and increase confidence.

Living Well Programme

The Living Well Programme is offered to all people with a recent diagnosis of dementia, who are in the early stages of the condition.

This is an educational programme, with the aim of providing practical advice and support, for you and your carer on living well with dementia.

Dementia question and answer evenings

Our dementia question and answer evenings are held bi-monthly at Dovedale and Midway Day Hospitals and are intended for people diagnosed with dementia, their carers and also anyone with an interest in the condition.

A panel of different professionals including consultant psychiatrists, nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacists and occupational therapists, trained in dementia care will be available to answer your questions and provide advice.

Upcoming dementia Q&A sessions can be found by visiting the events page.