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Tuesday 16 October 2018
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Early Intervention Service

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The Derbyshire Early Intervention Service (EIS) is for people aged between 14 and 65, who experience psychosis for the first time.

Several interventions have shown considerable benefit if provided early enough. The support offered by the team ranges from:

  • Help with improving ways to cope with worries and stress
  • Support with learning ways to manage distressing symptoms
  • Assistance with recognising symptoms early
  • Support and advice for family members
  • Discussion and negotiation around the need for low dose medication
  • Support with accessing further education or returning to a working environment
  • Support with extending social activity
  • Housing and benefit advice and assistance.


These are some of the ways the team can support a person to keep well.

What is “Psychosis”?

Psychosis is a condition that can affect any one of us. Currently about two or three people in every hundred experience this condition. Stress plays a major part in triggering symptoms of psychosis. Adolescence and early adult life is a particularly difficult period for all of us and if we are vulnerable to psychosis, symptoms can be triggered during this phase.

Symptoms of psychosis can include:

  • Muddled thinking
  • Feeling suspicious of others
  • Hearing, feeling or seeing things that others cannot
  • Feeling isolated and unhappy
  • Feeling especially overactive
  • Racing thoughts.


These symptoms are just a number of those that can be experienced and have to occur for a specific length of time to indicate psychosis.

What will happen once a person is referred to the team?

  • A meeting will be arranged at a place and time convenient to the person
  • The first time we meet with a person, we usually pair up so as to obtain a clear understanding of what difficulties they are experiencing and what they feel would help them most
  • If the service is appropriate for a person, a specific worker will be allocated and will begin to work with them on deciding which areas of their life they would like support with
  • A person can have the support of the team for up to three years
  • The team will work with an individual in a way that makes the best use of all resources and services available in the community.


Early Intervention Service
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Contact us

Both teams operate from 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Derby City & South Derbyshire Early Intervention Service

St Andrews House, 201 London Road, Derby, DE1 2TZ 

Tel: 0300 123 3239
Fax: 01332 202840

North Derbyshire Early Intervention Service

Bayheath House, Rose Hill West, Chesterfield S40 1JF

Tel0300 123 4451
Fax: 01246 293284